Welcome to Seafood Paradise!

Singapore is a seafood paradise. Whether a local resident or a tourist here on holiday, you’ll be spoilt for choice by the many Chinese restaurants serving fresh (even live) seafood and at very reasonable prices. From the legendary Empurau (or wang bu liao in Mandarin, which means forget me not) to steamed drunken prawns to the fiery chilli crab, Singapore has it all!

Below is a list of “die-die-must-try” seafood dishes in Singapore:

1. Chilli Crab
The country’s signature seafood dish of stir-fried crabs in a thick tomato and chilli-based sauce.

2. Drunken Prawns
Live prawns cooked in boiling water and then marinated in strong alcohol.

Seafood Promotions:

1. Red House Seafood Promo
– 50% off chilli crabs at the restaurants Prinsep outlet. Valid until 31st Oct 2013.

2. Seafood Paradise Promo
– Up to S$200 off weekend lunch (including public holidays), depending on the total bill.
– Different discounts for different days, e.g. 50% off live fishes on Mondays.