Port Dickson is one of the less known tourist destinations in Malaysia. It is most famous for it’s with tourists for its beaches and sight-seeing spots, and is a great alternative to more known destinations like Kuala Lumpur. In fact, colonials who wanted to escape Kuala Lumpur due to its hot and humid weather discovered the port during the colonial times.
Blue Lagoon Beach 

The main attractions in Port Dickson are beaches, with the Blue Lagoon beach standing out. The beautiful beach has natural shelter formed by green vegetation around the beach. The beach has calm, shallow waters that make it safe for children to swim and play around. During low tides, an adult can walk far into the water with knee-deep water levels enjoying the coral reefs as they walk.
Army Museum 

The army museum was founded in 200 and has two sides: the gallery and the old military hardware. It hosts pictures of the Malaysian Army dating back to the 16th century to the present time. The photo gallery section also puts a focus on the Japanese invasion of Malaysia, displaying artifacts from this era. The military hardware side houses machinery used. You will see steam locomotives, aircraft, helicopters, guns, and armored vehicles among other military machinery.
Live 3D Art Gallery 

If you wish to be in on the action, then you must visit this Port Dickson attraction. The gallery has 3D art drawings centered on themes: adventure, aquarium, dark art, animation, and exotic. There are about 50 3D isometric art murals that you can enjoy taking photos with the art to create personalized 3D effects that you will forever remember. Although not a unique attraction, the attraction is fun and offers something a little different where you can enjoy yourself.
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Ostrich farm 

The farm has over 90 ostriches of various ages, as well as private collections of peacocks, exotic ornamental chicken, estuarine crocodiles, and pheasants. You will learn about the different techniques and equipment used in the ostrich industry, as well as enjoy packed family activities like ostrich rides, ostrich egg stepping, animal petting, and games like coconut bowling.


Kota Lukut 

This is a historic fort situated 4 km north of the port on a scenic hill. It was built in 1847 by a Bugis warrior as his personal stronghold, from where he could watch the trade in the area. After standing in its ruined stated, the fort was transformed into a recreational part with watchtowers and gazebos. A museum has also been built where you can see the history of the fort with artifacts displayed.
Yun Loon Wan Loong Chinese Temple 

This is a different kind of attraction in Port Dickson. The temple has an old turtle that is locked away, and a while old turtle that is left outside. The Chinese people that if you feed or rub its shell the turtle, you will get good luck. The biggest traction for the children is the small ponds with many turtles. Many local people believe that if you sponsor a turtle, you will improve your fortune.

Besides the many several Port Dickson attractions sites, you will find excellent accommodation from resorts to hotels at reasonable rates. You can make your bookings online once you settle on the hotels/resort of your choice.