Here are the top 20 free things to do in Paris. Perfect if you're traveling on a budget or just want an authentic Parisian experience!:                                                          Paris is one of the world’s most outstanding cities and is a highly favoured tourist destination among travellers of all ages. For this reason, numerous individuals choose to make the heart of Paris their holiday destination each year. The 7th Arrondissement–located in the centre of the city–is known for its unique ambiance and diverse and engaging cultural environment. Paris is also rich in history and art and boasts some of the best restaurants, hotels, landmarks, museums, and art galleries on earth. Fortunately, vacation rentals in Paris can be found to suit any budget or lifestyle, making a trip to this spectacular city a possibility for essentially anyone. Below are some attractions and landmarks no visitor should miss:


Palace of Versailles 

Garden of Palace of Versailles, France: The Palace of Versailles is an opulent, grand castle that is home to some of the world’s most intricately detailed architecture. Featuring over 50 staircases, 2100, stained-glass windows and over 1,000 fireplaces, it is a sight that no traveller ever forgets.

Louvre Museum 

Louvre Museum, Paris, France: Home to over 34,000 pieces of modern and classic art, the Louvre Museum is one of Europe’s most famous art galleries and an attraction well worth visiting. It is important, however, to devote an entire day when planning a trip to this landmark to fully enjoy the experience.

The Arc of Triumph
Paris - Arc de Triomphe at Sunset:
Some holidaymakers and local residents regard the Arc of Triumph as the most recognized of all French landmarks. It is considered as both historically and artistically significant, as it showcases the French military’s follies and glories over the course of several centuries. Its construction was commissioned by Napoleon in the early 1800s to mark the Republican army’s victories and is intricately carved with numerous battle scenes. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier lies beneath, and the site is impressive to essentially anyone with even a slight interest in European history.

Paris by Night
The City of Light is just as mesmerising after the sun sets as it is throughout the day. Interestingly, numerous holidaymakers prefer the city at night, when they feel it truly comes alive. This is probably due to the illumination of its famous landmarks that make them appear even lovelier than they are in daylight. On an evening excursion, famous places such as the Eiffel Tower, Vendome Place and Pigalle Square can be viewed by tourists. Visitors may also wish to catch a live performance at the celebrated Moulin Rouge nightclub when spending an evening in the city.

Montmartre, Paris:

Paris was the backdrop for some of the world’s most famous movies as well, such as An American in Paris, Funny Face and Cache. The ideal combination of Old World charm and modern convenience, no other area in the world can compete with the City of Light. Regardless of one’s holiday objectives, vacation rentals in Paris can be found to suit any traveller. For this reason, those who have always wanted to experience all this intriguing city has to offer will be pleased to discover that their dream is within reach.