Black Pepper Crab

Black Pepper Crabs are huge crabs infused with a BBQ blend, neither overly spicy nor hot, this dish is a perfect combination of pepper and succulent crab meat that is fried to seafood perfection. One of the most popular ways to serving crabs in Singapore, many prefer pepper crabs over the chilli variant as it is drier and serve as a better complement to the crab’s sweet taste. Introduced in 1959, by the award-winning Long Beach Seafood Restaurant at East Coast Parkway, seafood lovers have continued to flock over as the authentic taste and freshness of its fresh catches makes dishes taste that much better.


Black pepper sauce is a great complement to the crab’s natural sweet taste

How the dish is prepared?

A simple mixture of kecap manis (sweet sauce), sugar and water is firstly mixed in a small bowl before being placed aside. Next, the crab is de-shelled properly to ensure that the apron (soft abdominal section), top shell, innards and gills do not hamper the enjoyment of eating. Upon doing this, quickly rinse the crab. Separate and cut each crab into quarters and gently crack the legs. Heat cooking oil over a large fire, then add the crab and fry it in batches until it has an orange texture (around 5 minutes).

Repeat until all batches have been cooked. Butter, ginger, cloves of garlic, white peppers and coriander are then added onto the wok. Afterwards, stir fry the mix for 30 seconds. Add the sauce mixture; stir it before bringing it to a boil. Allow to simmer for 2 minutes. Place the crab in a wok, and then stir it to ensure it is coated properly. Cook it for another 2-3 minutes before adding some garnish of spring onions and coriander leaves. Serve while it’s hot.

Closing Notes

If you are in Singapore for holidays, do not leave until you have at least tried this dish, it’s just that good. Best to be eaten with friends who love crabs and the messy experience that comes with it, Long Beach is a great choice as it is also priced affordably.