Drunken Prawns

Just what in the blazes are drunken prawns you ask? Well, for starters they are extremely fresh prawns that have been soaked in bai jiu, (rice infused wine) before being tossed to sheer mouth-watering perfection over a hot stove. Introduced in China, this popular dish has been making the rounds in Singapore for its succulent and juicy taste. If you are ordering the dish for the first time, do request for the chef to show you how he prepares the dish for a truly authentic experience.


Fidgeting, flaming hot prawns infused with wine have never tasted so good.

Light, and packed with flavour, they serve as a good appetiser while waiting for other dishes, such as stir fried crabs, steamed fish, and geoduck sashimi to arrive. Quick and relatively easy to make, you won’t have to wait long before the next set of dishes arrive.

How the dish is made?

Drunken Prawns are prepared by filling up a Pyrex bowl with two pounds of the freshest prawns available, before it is covered to ensure that the prawns do not jump out. (Do remember this, lest you want to have a faceful of crustacean fluids all over you). Next, a few cups of bai jiu is poured onto the bowl before being shaken to ensure that they are seasoned well enough. As the fire cooks the prawns, an appetizing alcohol aroma will whiff through the room, making the anticipation of getting your hands on these tasty prawns that much more unbearable.

You are bound to have a kick from eating these prawns as not all of the alcohol cooks off. Rated as one of the must-have seafood dishes to try, you owe it to yourself to experience, see and taste, just what the fuss is all about.