The Total seafood on charcoal grilled

Seafood is one of the most popular kinds of food nowadays as they are popular worldwide. The popularity of seafood in Singapore has been increasing too. However, for some unknown reason, people seem to be intimidated to grill seafood. A lot of people think that is it hard to grill seafood, especially fish. This is because fish are hard to manoeuvre, and they are delicate. In addition, smaller seafood lie scallops and shrimp are very small, which means that they can overcook easily or even fall to the fire. Fortunately, once you know some tricks for cooking seafood, they are pretty easy to master. Today, we will go over some tips and trick on grilling seafood.

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The Skin


There are a lot of recipes that require your fish to be skinned. However, since you are grilling it, it is better to keep the skin on. This is because you need to interact with your food more to get it cooked just right. Moreover, some fish that have thin skin can get even more delicious when their skin is grilled. However, for fish that taste better without their skin, remove the skin gently after you finished grilling them.


Fish Basket


A fish basket is another great way to keep the fish from flaking apart. There are a lot of fish baskets available in the market, and the shapes and sizes vary. Using a basket makes grilling more convenient than ever; it makes the process a lot easier and decreases the risk of failure.


DSC_0907Cook in A Packet


You can also steam fish; it is an easy way to keep them moist. You can do this easily by cooking them in a foil packet on the grill. You only need 20-inch sheets of foil. Use a cooking spray before you start, and then add things you want to add such as vegetables. And then, you should bring the short ends of the foil together so that there will be enough room for the seam. Fold the foil and seal it. You can then place them on a gas grill, and you are done.

How to grill with cedar planks

Use A Plank


Grilling seafood on a plank is a lot easier than grilling them directly on grates. Do not forget that if you are using a wooden plank, you have to soak them in the water for at least two hours. This is a great way because it is easier and there is no flipping required.




Those are some tips on grilling seafood. By doing these tricks and tips, grilling seafood would be so much easier for anyone. The increase of seafood in Singapore and worldwide has been significant these past few years. One last tip, when you are cooking seafood, cooking oil is very important as when you are grilling, you can put some cooking oil on the food instead of the grates on the BBQ itself. If you are looking for great cooking oils, you can buy cooking oil online.