One of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe is Paris. The architecture, the food, and diverse culture are some of the things that attract tourists to visit the French capital. But, as if the airfare is not pricey enough, accommodations can be really expensive, that’s why it’s better to search for holiday rentals in Paris, especially when you’ll only be out the whole day to tour the City of Love.

There are several websites where you can search and book for home rentals for a cheaper price. Some of these rentals even include a breakfast for the staying guests, so be sure to hunt for the best offer so you can get the best out of your money’s worth. Location is also important so choose those homes that are closer to the city center so you can save up on transportation costs.

And when you’ve finally booked that rental home for your holiday, here are a few tips to explore the city just like a local:


Do the research  

Exploring Paris also requires a thorough planning. It is not smart to book for group tours because it is better to do things according to your own preference and explore the wonders like a local. Do the research about the must-see places. Of course, this includes the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. It is also wise to veer away from the usual tourist spots as it tends to get crowded. You can visit the “I Love You” Wall in the city’s Jehan-Rictus Square. It is a 416 sq. ft. wall covered with over 300 translations of those words of eternal adoration.


Get those legs to work  

Taking the cab if you are new to a place is a big no-no. It is always better to walk around town because you will be able to see the place in a different perspective this way. You get a chance to mingle with other tourists and locals, and this way you get to explore not just the place but also its people. Walking around Paris is always a good idea because of the cobblestone streets and the magnificent buildings. Just remember to put on your best and comfiest shoes because heels are not advisable. Don’t forget to bring along a map with you for a hassle-free trip.

The Champs-Elysées at night, Paris, France

Shop local  

Shopping is always a must when you’re exploring a new place. If you take a stroll down the famous Champs Elysees or the so-called fashion avenue of Paris, expect to see it lined with designer brands and international boutiques. But, this is not the place where you should spend your Euros at. Opt for the local shops because these joints sell items that can only be found in Paris. Plus, these local brands also give discounts. Be sure to check out perfumeries around the city so you can score authentic Paris scents.


Eat what the locals eat  

Food tripping is also one of the things a traveler must not miss during a trip somewhere new. Instead of munching on the usual famous international fast food stops or restaurants, you should try out the local patisseries and bistros because this is where you will get the complete experience of authentic Paris cuisine. Don’t forget to try out the famous French macarons. These double-decker biscuits are found everywhere in the city, so hunting for one won’t be a problem.

Exploring like a local gives you a whole new perspective on how to spend your time in a new place because it opens up a door to try out new things. Renting a home rather than spending hundreds of Euros on a hotel room is the way to go because it not only gives you a glimpse into how locals live, it also let you experience living like one.