The nation of Malaysia is one of the world’s most visited places. People come from all over the world to enjoy the area’s unique culture, sample delicious food items and explore the region’s tremendous natural beauty. One of the most desirable places in all of Malaysia for a quick getaway or time spent relaxing is Port Dickson. This attractive town is located directly on the beach, making it easy to spend a day in the sun here. Over the years, many businesses have opened up in the region. This allows those in search of fun here to enjoy their stay even more.

Things To Do In Port Dickson

Both locals and visitors alike find many things to do in Port Dickson. One place that people love is the Oceanic Mall. The mall offers lots of amazing shopping in one convenient location. Spending time shopping can be an ideal way to escape the sometimes intense heat in this part of the world, especially during the afternoon when the sun can be fierce. The air conditioned mall makes a pleasant retreat from the Malaysian noon time heat and a pleasant place to enjoy a cool drink at the same time.


The Billion Shopping Center


Another place to go shopping on a hot day is the Billion Shopping Center. This shopping centre is also air conditioned, making it another place to retreat from the heat in the region easily. The shopping centre has lots of stores where people can casually browse and have their pick of items that might suit their personal tastes. Shoppers are welcomed inside with lots of places to sit and relax when not shopping. Those in search of a good meal made from fresh local ingredients will find it here as the centre has lots of dining options to pick from.


Five Star Resorts


Those who like being outside and want to do so in luxury will find this region offers them many possible options. The Bayu Beach Resort is the perfect place to stay in luxury with easy access to multiple pools and the chance to swim in local waters. The beach resort has many dining options as well, making it easy to enjoy a delicious meal right at poolside or from one of many balconies in the hotel that offer a stunning view of the entire bay. People can stay here for a weekend or for week at the beach if they like.


The Beaches Here


The beaches in this part of Malaysia are stunning. Many beaches here offer crystal clear waters that are ideal for all kinds of water activities. Visitors can spend days on the beach if they like, surfing and swimming at their leisure. Those who love to go boating may opt for boating activities such as a boat tour of the region or a day spend on the waters fishing.

There are many things for people to do in this wonderful, charming small town on the ocean waters of Malaysia