Spending the holidays in Malaysia has become popular among travellers and tourists across the globe. One of its stand out destinations, Port Dickson, has gained tremendous fame for its wonderful beaches and breath taking views.


Malaysia has become one of the top destinations in Asia for over the past years among travellers across the globe, especially among Singaporeans because of its breath taking views, wonderful beaches and hospitable residents. For individuals who are looking for an exotic Asian experience, Malaysia offers a lot of tourist destinations they can visit.


One of the travel destinations in Malaysia that is gaining an eye from the international tourism world is the coastal region of Port Dickson. Located about 60 kilometres from Kuala Lumpur (KL), Port Dickson or PD to locals, is a popular beach destination. It’s about an hour away from Kuala Lumpur by land along the North-South Highway


The distance from Singapore to PD is about 260 kilometres. By land, it may take up to several hours of drive but the fastest route is through air travel, which may take less than an hour.


PD is a beach resort destination at Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia. Famous Port Dickson attractions include beach zones like TelukKemang, Blue Lagoon, PantaiCahayaNegeri and Bagan Pinang.


Wonderful Beaches In Port Dickson


Since Port Dickson or PD is popular for its breath taking and wonderful beaches, beach resorts are one of the most famous destinations in the area. The beaches add up to the wonderful experience in the coastal district for both active and passive travellers. They can enjoy a wide array of activities like water sports, canoeing, water skiing, snorkelling, wind surfing, and swimming.


Aside from swimming and other activities on the beach, travellers can indulge in delicious and scrumptious seafood dishes the town has to offer. The trip to PD, or Malaysia as a whole, would not be complete without a taste of the country’s delectable, exotic and native cuisines.


Places To Visit In Port Dickson


Apart from its beautiful beaches, there are other places to visit in PD such as the Military Museum, the Ostrich Farm, the Yun Loon or Wan Loong Chinese Temple and the Alive 3D Art Gallery.


PD also features a lot of unique dining experiences that tourists can enjoy. Aside from tasting delectable native cuisines, they can eat inexpensive seafood dishes in the district.


Famous Hotels And Resorts In Port Dickson


Since the area is mostly surrounded by wonderful beaches, there are many resorts and hotels for travellers to choose from. Some of the most famous resorts and hotels include the Avillion Port Dickson, Glory Beach Resort, The Guest Hotel and Spa, Lexis Port Dickson, Thistle Port Dickson Resort and the Klana Beach Resort Port Dickson, among others.


These hotels offer a wide range of amenities, facilities and activities for all their guests to choose from. The best part is, they are found just by the seaside where guests can enjoy the beautiful view, making the experience worthwhile and memorable.


Malaysia has not become a top Asian destination for no reason. It gained popularity because it does not only offer wonderful scenic views but also, generous and hospitable locals. Port Dickson, isn’t just another beach destination but a new place to explore that features many activities to enjoy and experience.