Virtually all travellers would agree that Paris, France, is one of the most engaging and beautiful cities in the world. Little competition exists for the City of Light regarding sightseeing opportunities and tourist activities. For this reason, holidaymakers of all ages and from all walks of life search for the best accommodation in Paris has to offer when planning a trip to this intriguing city. Some visitors choose a vacation home rental, while others prefer to stay in a hotel, bed and breakfast or Paris resort. However, regardless of where one stays, no one will ever forget a Paris holiday.
Sightseeing Tips

The following landmarks and attractions are favoured among travellers worldwide, and are a good place to begin when creating an itinerary:
The Palace of Versailles 

The Palace of Versailles is an opulent and grand castle that features some of the world’s most spectacular architecture. It is home to over 2000 stained-glass windows, 68 staircases and 1,000 ornate fireplaces. The Palace is open year-round, and visitors should plan on spending at least a full morning or afternoon when viewing this mesmerising structure.
The Louvre Museum

Boasting over 30,000 contemporary and traditional pieces of art, the Louvre Museum is one of Earth’s most beloved art galleries and the pride of many Paris natives. Although several days are needed to view all the art housed in this outstanding Museum, some travellers choose to visit the sections that contain the type of art in which they are particularly interested.
The Ô Château Vineyards

Regardless of whether or not one is a fan of wine, most individuals know that France is renowned for its production this beverage. From novices to wine connoisseurs, the Ô Château Vineyards offer a remarkable opportunity to learn how fine wines are made. The vineyards are also beautifully landscaped, and therefore provide the perfect backdrop for brilliant photo opportunities.
The Eiffel Tower

No visit to Paris is complete without a trip to the Eiffel Tower. Visitors can view the city at various times of the day. The Tower is also opened at night, when Paris comes alive with the sparkling lights for which is famous. This attraction is open year-round and is a perfect outing for essentially any traveller.
Paris by Night

The City of Light is just as dazzling after the sun goes down as it is in the light of day. In fact, many Paris visitors and residents have stated that nightfall is when the city truly comes to life. This is likely due to the way the city illuminates its famous landmarks and attractions with creative lighting. For this reason, numerous travellers enjoy evening tours in Paris, most of which pass by famous sights such as Vendome Place, Pigalle Squarre, The Arch of Triumph, the Eiffel Tower and the city’s celebrated Moulin Rouge night club and lounge.

Fortunately, finding the best vacation rentals in Paris offers is not a difficult task. Holidaymakers can contact a travel agent or avail themselves of the internet. However, regardless of where one stays or which attractions and landmarks he or she visits, time spent in this enchanting city will never be forgotten.