Alive with energy, what makes Vancouver, Canada, unique is how you can be doing normal urban activities in the city, and two minutes later, you can be hiking in the beautiful Canadian wilderness viewing the awe-inspiring mountains. What makes Vancouver a wonderful place to live is that the city has a rich history, entertaining live music shows and flavorful Japanese food. You will not regret investing in Vancouver vacation rentals.

The Food of Vancouver

Your average restaurant will cost around 20 CAD. Cooking your own food, you can expect to pay between 65 CAD to 100 CAD every week, but the city has a treasure trove of delicious and affordable ethnic restaurants. A lot of the meals in Vancouver are grab-and-go meals, and you can sometimes find a lunch special for about 13 CAD. Beer costs around 9 CAD, depending on where you go.

Saving Cash: Vancouver 

What can travelers do to save money on their next trip to the city? First, take advantage of the many splendid gardens and parks found here. If you want a real sense of the city, it is better to walk or do a bike rental. If you want to see a sporting event, you can take advantage of same-day sports tickets. For example, when you visit the tourism center in Vancouver, they have what is called, “Tickets Tonight.” These are tickets that are priced at half off for an evening of local sporting events.

One activity to take advantage of on a Tuesday is to go to the Vancouver Art Gallery. After 5 pm, all the admission takes place on a donation only basis. Otherwise, normally, this will cost 15 CAD for students and 20 CAD for adults. Vancouver is also known for their skiing. If you want to save money on this aspect, however, you can opt for a nighttime ski. For example, you have skiing resorts such as Grouse Mountain, where the lift tickets will be discounted when you participate in the evening. To save money, you can also visit the food trucks, and in fact, there are few ways to sample the various cuisines that will give you a better experience. Also, it costs much less this way.

What to See in Vancouver? 

Grouse Mountain is an excellent choice for the outdoor enthusiasts, and it could probably be considered the number one attraction with the gondola that gives you a great view of the mountain. You will catch some of the best views in Canada, and you can go skiing or snowboarding after. You can also walk the wilderness trails during the summer time.

Visiting Vancouver, you can get vacation rentals by owner so that you can stay longer. It costs less than a hotel. If you want to spend money on something, whale watching is a popular activity, and it normally costs 170 CAD for a day, but you can get a student discount. Because many whales will journey through what is called an inside passage, you have much higher chances of getting a closer view at one. In many cases, companies give you a voucher for another trip if you don’t see any whales.